The big Green – Challenge

For our very first challenge, we’ve partnered up with Green and challenge you to participate in the 25-km-challenge! As Green is turning 25 they are challenging us to walk one kilometer for each of those years!

This is how it works:
Download the app and choose a week between the 07th of September and the 5th of October. The app counts the km you travel by foot. For each person completing 25km within a week, Green will donate to our start-up-project!

Let’s go – let’s get Switzerland moving !

About Green

Green moves the digital world since 25 years.

Green is a Swiss internet service provider, that also offers hosting and networking services and operates an own datacenter. They are commited to make a contribution to our way of becoming a greener society, e.g. by offering the possibility of choosing an option that solely uses Swiss hydro-energy to their customers.